Hi Gorgeous Ones,

I’m Presley…. Welcome to DIY cozy cottage,

I absolutely adore anything DIY!  I started doing DIY about 25 years ago, when my daughter was first born.  It’s always been a blast getting out all of my paints and tools, and creating something totally one of a kind.  I also love collecting ideas, I’ve been collecting design ideas since about 1995.  My creative endeavors led me to become a decorative artist and interior designer, my favorite projects were always children’s rooms 😉   I’m anxious to share it all, my expertise and my new found inspirations!

I also love whipping up delicious creations in the kitchen, so I’ll be sharing lots of scrumptious recipes here too.

Recently we moved into “Fairy Cottage, our own little Cozy Cottage!  So I have lots of work ahead of me decorating our Cozy Cottage with my own DIY projects, and filling the home with the aromas of deliciousness from my cozy kitchen!

Feel free to contact me with your own ideas and photos, and there’s a good chance I’ll share your gorgeous creations with everyone.

Gorgeous Blessings,

Presley Love



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