How To Do An Easy Aged Painting Technique

How To Do An Easy Aged Painting Technique

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dining chairsThis aged technique is so easy it’s brilliant!  This is a great example of what you can do to make a new piece of furniture fit with the furniture you already have.   Jennifer needed her chairs to have a darker aged effect rather than the white washed effect to blend with the dining table she already had.  She bought the chairs at TJMaxx ~ wow I love what they get sometimes, and these are very nice, quite my style 😉  as I really like upholstered chairs for the dining room.  But when you shop at TJMaxx you have to be quick to get it when you see it, or it’s gone for sure if you wait — just a warning!

Get Jen’s instructions with lots of photos to show you how to recreate this aged effect

 Easy Aged Painting Technique


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