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How To Make A Go Fish – Fishing Toy

How To Make A “Go Fish” Fishing Toy

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fish toyThis is so adorably cute, and your kids will love this.  Puts a new spin on “go fish”!
How much fun would you have making this for your kids?  Here’s the ridiculously easy instructions;

1.  Find old socks, or buy a few pair of new ones ~ must be cute ones!  Add a piece of metal in the mouth of the the fish  like a nut from the hardware store ( NO SHARP EDGES).   Stuff with fluff, add a button for an eye and tie with a ribbon as shown.

2.  Find a stick, tie a string to the stick with a magnet tied inside of a piece of thin cloth at the end of the string.

3. Go fish!

* This game is NOT for toddlers who put everything in the mouth*

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

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fairy-wandsThe idea of magic is something that fascinates everyone, and nothing is more iconic in magic than the magic wand. It’s kind of fun to think that a wand has the magic power to make things happen, but maybe it’s just a way to direct a wish? Either way, the idea of a magic wand is an ancient one. Magic wands might have started with “royal scepters” as a symbol of power that demonstrated the authority of a king or queen. Whatever the reason, a magic wand has the power of your own wishes and intentions because of what it is. It’s just fun to have one, and wave it through the air and proclaim your wish. You can make a magic wand in a number of ways, from many types of wood and embellishments. They should always be as personal as possible, so that when you cast your “wish-making-spell” , it is significant to you.

Click here to make a

Magic Wand

How to make a paper mache mask

How to make a paper mache mask

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Pretty cool mask huh! This is not the same mask in the demo, but it’s basically made the same way. You’ll need to change the way you use your supplies to make one like this.  The demo is very well done and user friendly. You’ll probably need to watch it a few times before you get started with your own custom mask. But masks are exciting aren’t they? They let us get outside of ourselves, and let our imaginations express themselves. So make your mask to fit your own personal expression!

Click here for the video to make your own

Paper Mache Mask

How to make rolled paper roses

How to make rolled paper roses

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Original-Birds-Party-Handmade-Holiday-Party-Slide-21-Favors-With-Packaging-and-Girl_s3x4_lgIsn’t that adorable. Any child can make these paper roses and use them as gifts for their parents, sibling, or just as a decoration. You can put it on a stem and put them in a vase! What a wonderful, easy, and fun project for you and your kids. And once they know how, they will be wanting to make them all the time, so make sure you have enough paper on hand, or your favorite books may be in jeopardy! Haha

Find the full tutorial for paper roses here

paper roses

How to make hand puppets


How to make hand puppets

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For anyone who has children, hand-puppets are a must! The greatest thing about them, is the interaction you have with your kids. Kids are full of imagination, and hand-puppets let them express their imaginations in a unique way. It can even become a hobby, not to mention a great way for your kids to be uninhibited and encourage communication.

There’s a lot of people that are very into hand puppets. I didn’t realize that there was such a huge following of hand puppets. I always get the image in my mind of talking to a therapist using hand puppets, and apparently it’s not a joke, some of them actually use hand puppets. I think school psychologists used to use them in communicating with children. I think it’s actually very funny, and it would just be fun to communicate with your entire family using hand puppets. If psychiatrists use them, then I guess there might be some therapeutic aspect to it. I guess hand puppets allow you to “project” your feelings in a way that help you to feel safe and secure, and work out your issues in a fun, creative and imaginary way.

Hand puppets allow you to tap into the child within you and to be vulnerable in a way that allows you to still feel secure. I never realized that they actually have a function for adults as well as children, until I saw them used in movies in a comical way. But there is a great deal of truth to it. When I think of a hand puppet, and using them to project and communicate my feelings, I feel vulnerable, but in a comfortable way. So I guess that’s the magic that they hold. It’s like an effigy of yourself by which you communicate what you could not otherwise.

I still don’t understand the magic of hand puppets and why they are so awesome to play with, but there are many people who are hand puppet fanatics, and I can see why! You can get lost in the character of your puppet very easily, and it can become a very cathartic experience if you just let go, and allow yourself to be a kid again.

Click here to learn how to make hand puppets

Get the full instructions