How To Make No Sew Placemats

How To Make No Sew Placemats

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no sew placematsOkay…. you’re–a–gonna–love–me for this!  Sweet DIY for how to make placemats without pulling out the sewing machine!  I love using fusible bonding web whenever I can, I’ve used it for hemming pants, for creating appliques on jackets and jeans and on and on!   What I love the most about this project is that you can choose your own divine fabrics.  Just make sure that the fabrics that you choose are washable, you don’t want to have to dry clean your placemats and napkins ~ yikes, that’s ‘spensive Lucy!  This tutorial from Instructables also gives you the instructions to create the napkins with the no sew method.   And you know by now that I think that anything made by hand makes the sweetest gifts!

What you’ll need for this DIY No Sew Placemat project:

1.  Fabric – pre washed
2.  Scissors
3.  Fusible Bond
4.  Iron
5.  Measuring Tape or ruler

If you want to make the napkins as well, I suggest a color that is in the placemat fabric for the best overall look – like the one shown in the photo ~ and you know you wanna look good, especially if company’s coming!

You can whip out these no sew babies in a matter of minutes…   If you’re like me, you like to have special things like this for each and every holiday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Valentines, St Patties, 4th of July… and then you also want special ones for birthdays, date nights.  Well, it’s just fun isn’t it, and we all wanna have as much fun as we can possibly fit into any day *wink*!

You’re a diva of magnificance, and it shows, oh yes it does darlings, put on your magic slippers and dance!

Check it out, then send me the photos of your finished masterpieces!

No Sew Placemats

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