How To Make Infused Olive Oils

How To Make Infused Olive Oils

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infused oilsOh yes you can, and it’s so easy!  I love the charm of these kind of delicacies. So, not only is it possible to flavor your oils, it’s oh so delightful to cook with these oils whether you’re a gourmet chef or not.  It just amps up the flavor of your dishes effortlessly, and whats not to love about that!

Not only can they be used for cooking, you can use them to drizzle flavor over your pasta or your favorite artisan breads with some hummus or warm roasted garlic ~ yeah you get the idea!

Tip: for the best flavor use the highest quality olive oil you can ~  the food network’s test kitchen tried many brands and found that Bertolli and Pompian were the best oils on the market for the money, for taste and thickness etc.

You can also flavor your oils using  thyme, rosemary, sage, basil or oregano.  Just substitute the herbs.  Or, you can come up with your own creative blends of herbs, with chilis, peppers, lemons, garlic, and even smoke flavoring.

Using whole sprigs of dried fresh herbs is what gives the bottle of your infused oils it’s charm and rustic elegance.

Once you do up your oils, it takes about 3 weeks for the flavors to have taken to the oil, and the longer you let it sit, the flavor becomes more intense.

Be sure to follow the specific directions for creating these oils so you make them safely without introducing bacteria into your flavored oils.


If you love cooking or know someone who does these are must have’s for your kitchen!   Flavored oils or infused oils as they are sometimes called only take a few minutes to make, once you have everything ready.  If you need empty bottles you can order some online here, no need to buy the bottles in bulk, or you could even put them in empty wine bottles, just adding a new label, hope you enjoy learning How To Make Infused Olive Oils.

Just Putzin shares recipes for Lemon, Chili, Rosemary and Garlic infused oils

Enjoy making Flavored Oils

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