How to make a natural hand sanitizer


How to make a natural hand sanitizer


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Hand SanitizerMany bacteria are carried on surfaces that we touch. Hand sanitizer is a well recommended kind of cleanser, and if it’ natural, it’s even better! Many soaps on the market have too many chemicals to be healthy for your skin. So, the natural path, is always the better path to take. Here’s a “solution” that you might like to consider, if you want to be as free from toxic chemicals as possible. I think plants, and natural remedies, supply all that we need for healthy living. The question is merely finding those solutions. That’s what we do, we find the answers to problems that confront us in this day and age, and toxic chemicals are an issue, so here’s your answer. This is how to make a natural hand sanitizer!



Click here to learn how to make a

Natural Hand Sanitizer






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