How to Make Safety Pin Bracelets

How to Make Safety Pin Bracelets

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how to make a safety pin braceletSeveral years ago, a friend of mine came to my house with a big bundle of goodies and said “Let’s make safety pin bracelets”.  I’d never heard of it, but she had already made a few and knew just what to do.  We dove in and it was so easy and I was surprised at how cute it looked.  I still wear that bracelet and get a compliment every time!  Usually I’m asked what it is made of and when I say safety pins they are just as delightfully surprised as I was.   This is a very inexpensive jewelry craft and makes for a sweet personalized gift.  

Supplies List :
* glass beads of your color choice
* large safety pins
* elastic (the thin round type, white or black depending on your bead colors

1) Fill the safety pins with the color combinations of beads you want
2) once you have them all filled with the beads, thread them through 2 lines of elastic  (as shown in picture 3)

TIP: make sure you put the safety pins one facing up and the next one facing down, and so on. this is so that the length and width of the bracelet is equal.

3)once you are happy with the length, tie a knot on one end, and another one to the one you already made.

That’s it in a nutshell!

For a gift, pop it into an organza bag and voila ~ a very sweet gift!

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