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Cool painting techniques for furniture

Cool painting techniques for furniture

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furniture-painting-techniquesthe-ornamentalist--florentine-furniture-painting-workshop-2za43weiHave you ever been shopping for furniture, and could never find what you were looking for? Or, are just not satisfied with the furniture you have because it just doesn’t have any pazazz! Well sometimes the only way to get what you want is to do it yourself. There are many painting techniques that you can use to completely renovate the look of your furniture! Sometimes you think, aw, I’ll just throw that piece out, but wait, you can completely change it. Try this really cool painting technique to make an old piece of furniture, look like a new, custom piece of furniture.

Click here for instructions on the “Heirloom Technique”

painting furniture

How to transfer a picture onto tile

How to transfer a picture onto tile

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Picture TileWhat a great way to display a picture, tre chic! If you’re bored with picture frames, and want an elegant,yet rustic look that’s very fresh, try this idea! I love the idea of transferring pictures onto tile, because no matter the image, ( painting or photo ) it will transfer to tile, and the final effect is different depending on the kind of tile you use. You can go with a smooth tile, or a porous tile, as in the photo. It just depends on the look your going for! You can give it a matte finish, or a super high gloss finish. And the process is really fun and easy!

Click here for instructions

transfer pictures onto tile

How to paint on wine glasses

How to paint on wine glasses

Join us at  DIY Cozy Cottage on Facebook  to get all of our new sweet n saavy projectsA0B8B4C3We all know what a wine glass looks like, but what if you could jazz them up a bit?! With glass painting techniques ( in the link below ) you can make a spectacular array of wine glass designs. Just be creative! Make your own design, and enjoy a “beautiful” glass of wine. You’ll be proud to display your custom wine glasses to friends and family. And when they ask you where you “bought” them, you can tell them, I didn’t buy them, I made them myself! Wonderful conversation pieces.

Here are the instructions

painting wine glasses

How to make “Monster Balloons” with your kids

How to make monster balloons with your kids

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Monster-Balloons-1Face it, kids love crafts! And they really enjoy making things with their parents. What a better way to show your kids that you care about them, than to make arts and crafts with them? And what child doesn’t like monsters, and balloons? Put the two together and you have “Monster Balloons”! Imagine how much fun they’ll have walking around with their imaginary monster on a string?

Here are the instructions and supplies list

“Monster Balloon”!

How to make a Love Potion#9 Cocktail

How to make a Love Potion#9 Cocktail

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Love Potion Number 9Most people have a cocktail in the evening, and what can be better than mixing a little magic into it as well? Just the thought of Love Potion#9 inspires possibilities! Magic is a mysterious thing, and maybe a delicious cocktail is just the thing to bring down the walls to those possibilities! So here it is, a magic potion, that you can indulge in, and that tastes quite nice . . .

Click here for the “magic” recipe to make:

Love Potion Number 9

How to make Christmas Ornaments

How to make Christmas ornaments

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Who doesn’t love Christmas ornaments? Back in the old days, people made their own ornaments! How about really getting into the tradition and spirit of The Yule Tide, and make your own? It has to be wonderful to see your Christmas tree decorated with ornaments that you and your family made yourself. You can’t get more special than that.

Click here for instructions for making 25 different kinds of ornaments!

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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