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How to do stained glass paintings

How to do stained glass paintings

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Stained-Glass-Painting-1683567I never realized that you could do stained glass with paint, how funny is that! I’m probably not the only one who doesn’t know about this little trick. Wouldn’t it be nice to make your own, and put it in a window? Or what about painting an existing window in your house? Wouldn’t it be awesome to paint a stained glass piece of artwork, and see the expression on the faces of your friends when you tell them that you did it yourself. They would surely want to know how to do it for themselves! Or maybe, you want to team up with your best friend, and do a project together? Either way, stained glass is always beautiful.

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 Stained Glass

How to make soap

How to make soap

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I really like the idea of handmade soap. At least you know what is in the soap you’re using, instead of all of the harsh chemicals they use in store bought soaps. It’s fun knowing that you can make it yourself, and more cost effectively as well. With time and practice, you’ll be making exquisite soaps to bring more luxury into your life. You won’t find homemade soaps in stores unless you go to a more expensive boutique!

You can change the formula in a number of ways just to get a custom soap. You can infuse the soap formula with all kinds of scents. It could be lavender, cinnamon, gladiolas, honey, oats, or any kind of fragrance or spice that you prefer. There’s no end to the kind of combinations that you can use to make your own perfect soap.

Don’t forget that you can even change the colors and consistency of your soap. Maybe you want blue soap, or red soap, wouldn’t that be cool, red soap! What about red soap that smells like cherries! What about blue soap that smells like blueberries. Yeah, you can coordinate the color with the scent in case you want to know what each one smells like by color, as funny as that sounds.

You can also change the consistency if you want an exfoliating type of soap. There’s different materials that you can use to exfoliate with. You can use oats, barley, any kind of grains, or tapioca even.

So really, this soap formula, is just a beginning to your soap making projects. The question is how are you going to make your own custom soap? Well, you’ll start with the basic recipe, then you’ll start with you favorite scent, for example. Then you decide if your going to add anything to that recipe, like exfoliating materials. And finally, some color, because soap shouldn’t have to come in just white. So there you have it, the rest is up to you, have fun!

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