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Old doors as decor

Old doors as decor

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Decorative DoorsHow many old doors just get taken to the dump or are left behind in old buildings. I think of how many people passed through these beautiful vintage doors and wonder about their stories? It would be wonderful to bring them back to life, and repurpose them as kind of a refurbished heirloom in a decorative way. And when I look at that door, I would wonder, what stories does that door have to tell? Here’s a few ideas of what you can do with an old door to bring a piece of Americana into your home!

Click here for some uses and decorative ideas for refurbishing

Old Doors

Cool painting techniques for furniture

Cool painting techniques for furniture

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furniture-painting-techniquesthe-ornamentalist--florentine-furniture-painting-workshop-2za43weiHave you ever been shopping for furniture, and could never find what you were looking for? Or, are just not satisfied with the furniture you have because it just doesn’t have any pazazz! Well sometimes the only way to get what you want is to do it yourself. There are many painting techniques that you can use to completely renovate the look of your furniture! Sometimes you think, aw, I’ll just throw that piece out, but wait, you can completely change it. Try this really cool painting technique to make an old piece of furniture, look like a new, custom piece of furniture.

Click here for instructions on the “Heirloom Technique”

painting furniture

How to make an ottoman from a table

How to make an ottoman from a table

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DIY-Padded-Ottoman-Coffee-TableSometimes you just want to prop your feet up on something comfortable, and an ottoman will do just that. What if you could turn that old coffee table into a comfortable ottoman? Don’t throw it out then, follow the instructions below to completely transform your table. If it’s a tall table, just saw off the legs at the right height, and proceed as planned!

Here are the instructions for turning a table into a ottoman

table into an ottoman