Russian Tea Recipe

Russian Tea Recipe

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russian tea recipeFunny that I just stumbled upon this recipe for Russian Tea… I lost the recipe a few years ago, but instantly recognized it when I saw it on Daunes site.   I first had Russian Tea when it was given to me as a Christmas gift years ago ~ I was hooked,  and I do mean hooked! And from that point I made my own for years, at the beginning of fall each year.   It makes a lovely gift, and mine was given to me in a quaint little tin which I still have btw… now I keep my cornstarch in it!

Whip up a large batch and give it as a gift ~ they’ll love you, they’ll adore you… then they’ll ask for more!   Daune also shares a printable tag to go along with your gift, as shown in the photo!

Go get it already!

Russian Tea Recipe

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