How to Make Tea Cup Candles

How to Make Tea Cup Candles

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tea cup candles

tea cup candlesThis is a super easy and yet such an elegantly charming project.  Please use a double boiler when melting your candles~ I’ve learned from experience that the wax can get way too hot if you put a pan with candles or wax directly on a burner.  The safe way to melt candles or wax is the slow way… low and slow baby, low and slow!

The great thing about this project is that you can use scented candles without adding the expense of scented oils. *sweet saver*

What you need for this project:

1. Tea cup(s)
2. Candles
3.  Candle wick
4.  Chop sticks

Now  jump in and get started…. Find the perfect tea cups and some candles scented or unscented… this is your baby, you get to choose, you can also use any color of candle you fancy.

Melt your candles using a double boiler

Prepare the teacup with a wick by tying the wick to a chopstick and laying it across the cup, making sure that the wick reaches the bottom of the cup and is centered.

Then when the candle has melted, slowly and carefully pour the melted candle wax into the cup

Let stand til candle hardens

Cut the wick down to size and there you have it… a tea cup candle!

What a delightfully charming spot of heaven.  They are sure to be a favorite, make lots!  This would also make a sweet thank you gift, bridesmaids gifts, etc – you get the idea!  If you find antique cups these make for real treasures.  Hope you enjoyed how to make tea cup candles.

photo  credit unknown

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