How To Make A Go Fish – Fishing Toy

How To Make A “Go Fish” Fishing Toy

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fish toyThis is so adorably cute, and your kids will love this.  Puts a new spin on “go fish”!
How much fun would you have making this for your kids?  Here’s the ridiculously easy instructions;

1.  Find old socks, or buy a few pair of new ones ~ must be cute ones!  Add a piece of metal in the mouth of the the fish  like a nut from the hardware store ( NO SHARP EDGES).   Stuff with fluff, add a button for an eye and tie with a ribbon as shown.

2.  Find a stick, tie a string to the stick with a magnet tied inside of a piece of thin cloth at the end of the string.

3. Go fish!

* This game is NOT for toddlers who put everything in the mouth*

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