How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

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fairy-wandsThe idea of magic is something that fascinates everyone, and nothing is more iconic in magic than the magic wand. It’s kind of fun to think that a wand has the magic power to make things happen, but maybe it’s just a way to direct a wish? Either way, the idea of a magic wand is an ancient one. Magic wands might have started with “royal scepters” as a symbol of power that demonstrated the authority of a king or queen. Whatever the reason, a magic wand has the power of your own wishes and intentions because of what it is. It’s just fun to have one, and wave it through the air and proclaim your wish. You can make a magic wand in a number of ways, from many types of wood and embellishments. They should always be as personal as possible, so that when you cast your “wish-making-spell” , it is significant to you.

Click here to make a

Magic Wand

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