9 Fabulous Pet Bed Ideas From Old Furniture

9 Fabulous Pet Bed Ideas From Old Furniture

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pet bed from old furniture 11.  Stencil an old or new wooden box, cut out an opening on one side.  Find some old legs, attach to the bottom.  Attach handles and any other decorative pieces.  Measure the inside of the box… make a cushion to those measurements.  Make some small pillows out of fabric scraps.  Embellish with fabric flowers.  Ready to go!

pet bed from old furniture 22.  Find an old nightstand with 3 drawers.  Remove 2 drawers.  Paint to your desired color scheme.  Measure the inside of the bottom opening, create a foam pad and cover with fabric.

pet bed from old furniture 3.  Oh you know your cats will love this!  Find 2 old suitcases… different sizes, detach the pieces.  Paint to your liking.  Attach old table legs or other spindles to the suitcases as shown with screws.  Add small legs to the bottom of the large suitcase.  Measure the interiors of both pieces and make cushions for each.  Wait 2 minutes and your cats will take over!

pet bed from old furniture 4.  This is much simpler.  Find an old suitcase or hat box, make sure it’s clean and measure the interior of the suitcase and make a cushion.  Add the doggie toys for Fido’s comfort!

how to make a pet bed from old furniture5.  Every cat loves boxes, and this one is just too stinkin’ cute!  Find an old TV, remove everything inside, disconnect all cables etc.  Paint or decorate as desired.  Paint or cover the interior cabin with padding.  Measure the interior floor space to create a cushion… Done!

how to make a pet bed from old furniture6.  Here’s another super cute idea using an old TV.  Remove everything as explained in #5, paint the interior and exterior as desired – here the black and white trim lend a whimsical touch.  Measure the interior cabin floor and make a cushion to fit.  Line the edges with pillows, put up some photos on the interior walls (plastic not glass – must always be careful around your pets) and there you have it!

how to make a pet bed from old furniture7.  Ahhh, this is and old end table flipped with a well fitting custom made cushion… color coordinated but of course.  Spindles were added to the legs to give it a more finished look.  Small legs were added to the bottom.  Now kitty or doggie have a 4 poster bed!

how to make a pet bed from old furniture8.  Ok, this one is not made from furniture, but I love it anyway…. it’s made from your old sweaters.  And your pets will love it because it will have your scent.  Just measure the size you want and cut pieces to fit.  Sew the pieces together and use a zipper or velcro so you can clean it!

how to make a pet bed from old suitcasephoto credits unknown unless noted; for photo credit please leave a comment

9.  Ok I know I already featured a pet bed from a suitcase, but this one is just too cute I had to share it too!  And I forgot to mention that with a suitcase pet bed, you can take it with you when you travel, but you might not want to attach legs to the suitcase if you want to easily take it on your travels.  Just pop the food and water bowls into the suitcase, along with any of Fido’s best threads and you’re ready to say bon voyage!

*Tip*  If your old suitcase smells musty or unpleasant, use aquarium charcoal (not the same as for BBQ!)  to get rid of the smell.    Put the charcoal in the suitcase, close it and let it do it’s thing until the odor has been absorbed by the charcoal, at least a few days, longer if necessary.

There you have it, 9 fabulous pet bed ideas.

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