How to Make Febreze Style Air Freshener

How to Make Febreze Style Air Freshener – straight from 007

james bond 007 cleanerphoto credit;

In today’s episode, James Bond teaches us how to make his top secret Febreze inspired air freshener you’ll never forget!   We all love that fresh smell, I use it everywhere including my car.  This is such a fabulous trick, you’re gonna say “why didn’t I think of that already?”  … just say you did, no one will be the wiser!   This concoction costs about 15 cents, as opposed to 6 bucks  … and don’t you just love when you can save money on things like this, that way we can splurge on things like a nice dinner out, or a gorgeous new outfit 😉  —-  you know you’re dangerously clever darling!

So here’s the secret tonic;

1 empty spray bottle
1/8 cup of fabric softener ( your favorite scent)
2 T baking soda
Hot water to fill the bottle

Shake it up and you’re ready to go…

Now darlings, let’s toast to 007 coming to our emotional rescue yet once again!


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