How to Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

How To Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

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how to make a reed diffuser

Gorgeous reed diffusers gently perfume the air while giving a touch of elegance to any room.  But wowsy can they be very spendy and often not made with natural ingredients.  Why not make your own?  In a jif you’ll have some crazy beautiful diffusers, with just a few ingredients and a few dollars.  Let’s get this party started…

Materials List:

– a reed diffuser bottle(s)
– essential oils (e.g. lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus)
– reeds or bamboo skewers
– vodka
– water

Now for the Instructions:

Fill the reed diffuser bottle with water, leaving enough room for a few tablespoons of vodka and an essential oil of your choice.  (Use 12 drops of essential oil per 1/4 cup of water)  Mix the ingredients together.

Place your reeds into the solution, allow the reeds to soak and then flip the reeds weekly.

Voila!   Share this tip with your friends and you’re a rock star!

pssst…. this would make a lovely hostess gift if you are going to a party!

~ Presley

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