How to Make Luminaries With Henna Designs

How to make Luminaries with Henna Designs

henna inspired luminaries

Don’t you just love the way these glass candles glow!   These DIY enchanting luminaries are created using paint and a few henna designs found on Pinterest, along with some left over jars.   These luminaries are perfect for using indoors, or perhaps outdoors while having dinner on your deck.    Wouldn’t these be fun for an evening garden party, too?

I really like the variety of different sized jars, it gives it a whimsical design touch.  You can fill each jar with different amounts of sand and the candles will be at varying heights.  If you’re looking for something with some charm a little pizazz, definitely give this a try. Invite a few friends over and have a blast creating a bunch!  The instructions are super easy on this project, with step by step pictures.

This link will take you to the entire project from Amber Lay;

How To Make Easy DIY Luminaries With Henna Designs

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