How to make hand puppets


How to make hand puppets

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For anyone who has children, hand-puppets are a must! The greatest thing about them, is the interaction you have with your kids. Kids are full of imagination, and hand-puppets let them express their imaginations in a unique way. It can even become a hobby, not to mention a great way for your kids to be uninhibited and encourage communication.

There’s a lot of people that are very into hand puppets. I didn’t realize that there was such a huge following of hand puppets. I always get the image in my mind of talking to a therapist using hand puppets, and apparently it’s not a joke, some of them actually use hand puppets. I think school psychologists used to use them in communicating with children. I think it’s actually very funny, and it would just be fun to communicate with your entire family using hand puppets. If psychiatrists use them, then I guess there might be some therapeutic aspect to it. I guess hand puppets allow you to “project” your feelings in a way that help you to feel safe and secure, and work out your issues in a fun, creative and imaginary way.

Hand puppets allow you to tap into the child within you and to be vulnerable in a way that allows you to still feel secure. I never realized that they actually have a function for adults as well as children, until I saw them used in movies in a comical way. But there is a great deal of truth to it. When I think of a hand puppet, and using them to project and communicate my feelings, I feel vulnerable, but in a comfortable way. So I guess that’s the magic that they hold. It’s like an effigy of yourself by which you communicate what you could not otherwise.

I still don’t understand the magic of hand puppets and why they are so awesome to play with, but there are many people who are hand puppet fanatics, and I can see why! You can get lost in the character of your puppet very easily, and it can become a very cathartic experience if you just let go, and allow yourself to be a kid again.

Click here to learn how to make hand puppets

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